Wolfgang Hammersmith formed Vadium, Inc. with his wife, Elizabeth, in 2001. Wolfgang is the Senior Vice President of Advanced Research & Security at Vadium Technology, Inc.  

Vadium is the leader in next generation digital privacy and security solutions. Vadium’s groundbreaking AlphaCipher Encryption System (ACES) security technology enables secure, dynamic, multi-point communication structures by integrating unbreakable encryption, strong identification and authorization with multi-factor authentication together in hardened operated systems into one easy to use, robust solution platform that the Company is developing applications for every digital environment and need to secure information in motion and at rest. Hammersmith invented ACES, Patent US 8,467,533, and has designed a number of innovative encryption products.

Hammersmith worked on ACES since 1982, when he began developing ACES as the first practical implementation of an indexing One-Time Pad encryption algorithm. This system has been used for visible (covert) and invisible (clandestine) encryption. Covert encryption produces data that an observer can tell is encrypted, whereas clandestine encryption methods aim to keep the existence of the data itself a secret. This requires a separate step called steganography, during which the encrypted data set is hidden in a container once the encryption process is completed. ACES can be used to encrypt any digitized data in any form, and Vadium, Inc. adapts the technology to fit existing systems.

ACES has been incorporated in a wide range of applications, including an encrypted phone with zero time delay and hyper-fast unbreakable encryption of e-mail and attachment content. Hammersmith’s ACES patents include four Family I patents for One-Time Pad encryption, one Family II patent for Cryptographic Key Distribution using Key Folding, and four Family III patents for techniques to strengthen One-Time Pad encryption.

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